Our commitments

Qualité Sud de France et Marque Qualité Tourisme

Our commitment to quality: improving reception and information for tourists!

The Tourist Office is committed to applying a quality policy aimed at satisfying all its clients, partners and contacts through the following actions:

Make access to information easy
Provide efficient, courteous telephone and personal reception services
Propose services for the population
Use trained staff
Take remarks and suggestions into account to improve services. If you have any suggestions: please fill in this form

Sustainable Tourisme

Green holidays in the Pays Vidourle Camargue

Discover the natural environment …and protect it better!  In the Gard Department the Pays Vidourle Camargue has taken initiatives toward conscientious tourism and toward the sustainable development of the area. Many ouf our professional partners commited to protecting and highlighting the environment. They allow you to admire the wealth and diversity of the area, which we strive to maintain for future generations.

Tourisme handicap

The Label Tourisme & Handicap is awarded based on a minimum of two categories of disabilityfor aperiod offive years, which can be renewed following a check that the criteria of welcome and accessibility have been maintained.The mark’s aim is to provide reliable, consistent and objective information about accessibility to sites and facilities at holiday/leisure destinations for the 4 main categories of disability.
Download the list with all adresses in our area

Rental Tax

During your holidays or your business trip, you will be asked by your lodger to pay a rental tax. You probably want to know where does this money go and what it is used for.
You also want to know how much you will have to pay and if there is any possible reduction.
This tax exists since the last century in most of the French and foreign tourist communes. It is collected by the lodgers, and fully transferred to the local communities who will use it for the improvement of your stay: functioning of the Tourism Offices, organisation of cultural events and entertainments, maintenance of green spaces and hike pathways, improvement of sports equipments and leisure… So, you are directly beneficiary of what you pay.
The allocations are numerous; here are some examples in the community of Sommières:
·          Elaboration and printing of the tourist documentation: Sommières visit guide, lodging and restaurants guide, welcome guide, the Vidourle Valley guide….
·          Participation in the tourism shows in France and abroad ( Brussels, …), journalists reception.
·          Organisation between lodgers and service providers….