The Green Trail

From Sommières to Caveirac, in the outskirts of  Nîmes, the green trail allows for an outdoor excursion in pleasant and safe conditions.
It lies on the route of the former railroad and goes through countryside and villages in the Sommières and Vaunage area. Disigned for non-motorized vehicles such as bicycles, roller skates, baby carriages and wheelchairs, walkers will enjoy it also. It is connected to several marked hiking trails.
Bicycle rentals in Calvisson.
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By bicycle

A « Boucles cyclo » is a road shared with motorized vehicles. Two of them are going through the Pays de Vidourle: les Olivettes, Le Vidourle. They run amid farming landscape and garrigue vegetation.  Discover a series of charming villages built in pale limestone and views of the nearby Cevennes.
download the brochure. To rent bicycles:  Vaunage Passion Vélos

Mountain bike

200 kilometre network of cross-country tracks in Sommières region. Five circuits dedicated to cross-country biking have just been opened with the help of the FFC and are designated « Sites VTT » –
In addition, it is possibile to follow a challenging circuit of 40 kilometres, starting from Sommières ; and four shorter ones, graded from easy to difficult which start from Calvisson.
Details of all circuits are available in a free map , available from Sommières tourist office or can be downloaded from the tourist office website « download our brochures »  here. To rent bicycles:  Vaunage Passion Vélos

Horse Riding

The association Vidourle à Cheval (the Vidourle on horseback) organises stays for 1 to 6 days or more depending on the season, the number of riders, the distances desired and the availability of accommodation. A network of service providers follows a quality approach to supply everything that riders need and offers pleasant halts for unencumbered trail rides. It is possible to make star-shaped trips from each accommodation site or follow circuits between the various host sites.
For further informatio: Vidourle à cheval

Special paths

Sentier des merveilles du bois des Lens

These walks are not like others. They invite visitors to explore the environment with a theme approach: garrigue plants at Congénies, the influence of pastoralism at Calvisson, stone carving at Junas. A brand new interactive trail has been established to show the marvels of the Garrigue at the Bois des Lens (Lens Woods) at Combas. This route is particularly suitable for children aged 7 to 12.
Download the brochures with all information:

Calvisson #01 | Calvisson #02 | Congénies | Junas

Walking and Hiking

A network of more than 200 kilometres of hiking trails marked in yellow is available in the territory of ‘Pays de Sommières’ as a whole. The system is used throughout the Gard département, with information panels at each point of departure. A guide/map available at the Tourist Office for €5 shows a host of hiking circuits. Users can follow one of the routes proposed or design a route à la carte.