Good plan-Delivery in Pays de Sommières

Good plan-Delivery in Pays de Sommières

To deal with the current situation, we support restaurateurs and local producers. Take-out and / or home delivery solutions, solidarity initiatives are being put in place.

> Bab Mansour in Sommières: dishes (Moroccan cuisine) to take away. 06 40 93 81 92 (morning before 11 a.m. and evening before 6 p.m.)
> Mas des Cabres in Aspères: free delivery (radius of 15 km around Aspères)
> Sommiérois winemakers: delivery service on Sommières and its surroundings. Order of 25 € min.
> Calvisson cellar: Drive every morning between 11 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Place your order by e.mail and pick it up in the Hall of the main entrance then slip your check into the ballot box.

> E-dventure electric scooters in Boisseron: delivery of baskets of vegetables / fruits / cheese / organic eggs / beers. 07 67 31 08 95
> La Petite Librairie de Sommières: your order in your mailbox! 04 66 95 09 97/06 25 10 01 58.

A solidarity platform has been put online by the Occitanie Region "I have products delivered from here">
An interactive map allows you to locate professionals in the agriculture, agrifood and food businesses in Occitania who are mobilizing to deliver food to our homes.

⚠ Little reminder, trips must be made in accordance with current government instructions.
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