Wine and local products

The soils and climate naturally favour the development of vineyards in this area and you can taste different local wines.

Wine from the region of Sommieres is referred to as ‘Vin de Pays’ and ‘Vin de Pays d’Oc’ and since 2011 AOC Sommières. These labels refer to a guaranteed standard of origin and production and only wine from the Languedoc Roussillon can use them.
AOC. For many years, producers have been trying to improve the quality of their wine in order to attain the superior classification of Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée
“Coteaux du Languedoc”. The red wines are dark in colour and are perfumed with fragrances from the ‘garrigue’, spices and red fruit. The rosé wine is floal with slight fragrances of red fruit, while the white wine is fruity with hints of acacia flowers.

Les Estivales: wine tasting takes place every monday evening in July and August  on the market place

Olives and olive oil

This natural product has been used in the region since the antiquity. Harvested green in September, the olives are eaten with the aperitif. Left to ripen on the tree, the olives become black and are picked in mid-winter to extract their oil.

Goat cheese - Pélardon

The “Pelardon” is a small goat’s cheese originating from the Cévenole region. Fresh “pélardon” cheese is creamy with a taste of hazelnuts. More mature “pélardon“ is harder with a more pronounced taste. This cheese is protected by an AOC classification.


The beekeepers of Pays de Sommières sell honey produced in the region and also elsewhere, thanks to the transhumance of hives. Several kinds are available: acacia, bruyère (heather), châtaignier (chestnut), lavande (lavender), romarin (rosemary) and honey from the Causses, the Cévennes, the garrigue, etc.
Visit  la Miellerie de Clairan for more information

Aromatic plants and herbs

The Mediterranean is a prime area for growing plants for perfumes, aromatics and medicinal plants. The flora of our regions and terroirs is particularly rich and varied.