The Gard and the region

Le Gard Le Sud

Visitors notice very quickly: Gard is a special region with preserved nature and  landscape of great diversity. Roman monuments like The Pont du Gard, or romanesque chapels, all these buildings are witnesses of a rich history.  The inhabitants, sometimes secret but still welcoming, open their doors in the heart of the country, inviting  you to discover and share their traditions.

Occitanie region

Offers countless and multifaceted possibilities for discovery. Wine tourism for epicureans, outdoor activities for sports enthusiasts (or perhaps the other way round) or even lazing on the beaches and party nights in the villages!
In this sense, the Pays de Sommières and its events are among the must-see events in Occitania: Les Estivales, the Jazz Festival in Junas, the Festival of Villevieille-Salinelles and many others…