Famous artists

Lawrence Durrell


Lawrence Durrell, celebrated British writer,came to France and discovered Sommieres in 1957.Having fallen in love with the region, he came to live here in 1966 until his death in 1990.He received famous friends such as Henry Miller, Anias Nin…..Amongst his most famous writings is the Alexandria Quartet, private correspondence with Henry Miller and the Sourire de Tao in which he talks frequently of Sommieres.

Jacqueline Gaussen Salmon


She moved into an old house in Sommières in 1936. The most outstanding of all her paintings of Sommières of the time is without a doubt Le pont romain à Sommières (1933) (The Roman Bridge in Sommières). The grace and freshness of this large canvas call to mind the work of Corot, the painter to whom she felt closest at the time. The scale and diversity of Jacqueline Gaussen Salmon’s work goes beyond a local dimension. A permanent exhibition of a few of her works can be seen at the Chapel at Espace Lawrence Durrell during opening hours.

Jacques Bollo


Born in Monaco in 1931, Jacques Bollo attended the Venice Academy of Fine Arts and studied at André Lhote’s studio in Montparnasse before settling in Sommières. After starting with abstract works he returned to figurative painting, with the bicycle being one of his favourite themes. He considered that a bicycle, the symbol of freedom, was a marvellous object. He took bicycles and displayed, analysed, dismantled and tore them apart, inflicting all kinds of snubs and metamorphoses. Famous painters (Fernand Léger and Jean Hélion) painted bicycles but before Bollo nobody made it a noble subject of paintings for posterity—like Cézanne and apples or Morandi and bottles.